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VigRX Plus Reviews – Worth it?

In order to treat the signs of ED, many different products are on the market. The American Urological Association does, however, have some treatment standards for ED, such as the ones below.

People who show signs of ED should get a full medical, sexual, and psychosocial evaluation, as well as a physical check and some lab tests.

  • Doctors and nurses should tell men who have ED that it could be a sign of heart disease.

  • Questionnaires need to be filled out by people with ED to help with treatment plans.

Since most vitamins can be bought without a prescription, anyone who takes them without first talking to a doctor runs the risk of either short- or long-term side effects.

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What does VigRX Plus do? 

People have been able to buy VigRX Plus since 2004. The supplement's website says that it can boost sex drive and desire and help people who are having trouble:

  • Keeping erections that are harder

  • sex with their partner and having an orgasm

Along with that, it says that some people may see results right away, while others may feel better 1–3 months later.

The website for the business says that its product is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure diseases because that would be against Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules. So, this supplement shouldn't be used instead of medical care from a doctor or other health care worker.

How to do it

VigRX Plus comes in a box with 60 blister-packaged pills, which is enough for one month. The maker says to take two pills every day with food and a glass of water.

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VidRX Plus is for who?

The company that makes this product says that it can help men who have trouble getting or keeping an erection or who have low libido or stamina.

But there isn't enough scientific proof to show that this product does what the maker says it does.

VigRX Plus's pros and cons

The website for the company that makes VigRX Plus says that people who buy the product may benefit from not needing a prescription.

However, some problems include possible interactions with prescription drugs and ED or libido issues getting worse slowly or not at all. Some people who reviewed this product also said that they got headaches, diarrhea, and feeling sick after taking VigRX Plus.

Review from customers

A review on Trustpilot gave VigRX Plus 4.1 out of 5 stars at the time of this writing.

People have said that the company ships quickly and that the customer service reps are helpful. They also say that after 30 days of taking the pills, their erections got stronger and their appetite went up.

But reviews that weren't so positive were mostly about how much the product cost, since VigRX can be pricey to buy regularly. Some people with ED also said that after taking the pills for 3 months, they didn't notice any changes.

The Better Business Bureau gives the company that makes VigRX Plus a rate of 5. People who have used the product have said that it made them sick, gave them headaches, and made them have diarrhea


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How and where to get VigRX Plus

A person can get VigRX Plus in a number of places.

People who buy from Leading Edge Health can choose between two to twelve month packages, which saves them up to $650. The company also offers a 67-day money-back promise, so if someone doesn't like the product, they can mail the empty containers back to the company and get their money back in full.

VigRX at Walmart: VigRX Plus is sold as a drug to improve sexual performance and comes with free two-day shipping. A 90-day return policy may also be helpful for people who aren't happy with their buy. Walmart also lets customers return items that are broken or don't work.

Newegg: Shipping is free at Newegg, and the website says that buyers should get their order in 9 days. This business lets you return VigRX Plus for 30 days.

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