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✔️Product Name - v shot male enhancement

✔️Category - Health

✔️Side-Effects - NA

✔️Availability - Online

✔️Rating - ★★★★★

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One of our site users sent us a long review of Vshot, a male endurance supplement that is similar to Extenze Liquid Shots.

  • vshot formula for guy endurance

  • Look at what he found below:

  • Jasper here with another tough one.

  • Vshot has different formulas, which makes things more difficult.

It only deserves one star because it works; the fact that it has harmful side effects doesn't make it deserve any more.

No one knows what that recipe will do to you. Anyhow, I wouldn't tell a friend about this and expect him to stay a friend.

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What's in Vshot for Male Enhancement?

Yohimbe is now in more recipes than not; the ones I just got did not.

What it says on the back of the bottle and the box I used does NOT have yohimbe in it. That yohimbe mixture will likely make you sick if you take it. Propylene glycol, L-argenine, maca root extract, cnidium monnieri, epimedium sagittatum (some lists it as epimedium grandiflorum), gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), and xanthoparmelia scabrosa make up the basic ingredients of all Vshots.

Propylene glycol is not in all versions. This is the recipe I used; it doesn't have yohimbe, though. Another recipe is almost the same, but it has yohimbe in it. Both are about 600 mg and have 250 mcg of vitamin B12. To put it mildly, confusing.

If you really want to drive to classes to learn how to weave baskets, you can look up how many different Vshot formulas there are.

Some will be in a red box and some will be in a blue box.

There are two 1.8-ounce bottles in each box. These bottles normally cost around $5 each.

Both boxes say "Vshot Male Endurance Formula," which means they claim to give you stronger erections, more stamina, and a higher libido.

The last two are subjective, so they are hard to measure. It's easy to see penises that are harder.

That's why I did it: to make my penis stronger.

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Does Vshot work to make guys stronger?

You can see the Priligy 30 mg 6 tablets_1 image at

Even though it worked, I would take lifetime limp pecker instead of this now that I've tried it. Yes, I know where you can get it right now. I'm not going to tell you where to get it.

Let yourself take the trip to the emergency room when you have time. You can buy VShot on your own if you don't want to go with me. The doctor will come to your house for free to check you out.

There are different kinds of this on the market, and even the list of chemicals is different between them, even though they are all sold as Vshot Male Endurance Formula.

It's a red flag that there are different versions.

Luckily, you only need to take this product as needed and not every day. I drank a single 1.8-ounce bottle with my morning coffee.

From my own experience

It worked in 30 minutes, just like it said it would. My erection was pretty hard, easily strong enough for sexual activity. I had the same amount of endurance as before, but as I said, my erection was stronger than normal, and I could keep it up for more than a minute without touching it. In any case, my libido is pretty strong.

The quick replay is one of my favourite dreams. I dream of an old girlfriend kissing me really hard while I sit on the edge of a chair with my butt up against the edge of the chair and she slides her wet hole down my pole. As she plays with it, my erection stands straight up, and she slides down my iron shaft, feeding me 36 C's with erect fifty-cents pieces. Now that I've said that, does anyone still doubt that my libido is strong, with or without supplements?

Problems with it

The bad news is that I was also feeling faint and dizzy, and my migraine headaches came and went over the course of two hours. I felt high, and the happiness came and went for 16 hours. The stuff gave me a drug-like high, like laughing gas and marijuana mixed together. I've felt a little happy after taking ashwagandha before, but this time it was much stronger.

The label doesn't say if it has ashwaganda in it or not. Just take the new sex enhancer and see how ready it makes the rod. That's all I had planned for this test. My favourite woman shocked me by coming over and getting naked when she did.

You can see the Priligy 30 mg 6 tablets_1 image at

You don't have to hit this Red Neck with a wet mop—you get the point. Late that morning and again around 8:30 that night, we had sex. I woke up later that same night with a heart rate that was way too fast. My heart rate was up and my blood pressure was down.

I checked my blood pressure several times over the course of two hours the next morning. It was twenty points below normal.

I had a heart rate that went from 80 to 110 beats per minute at one point. The only thing that had changed was the amount of Vshot I was taking.

There had never been a problem with any of the mentioned ingredients, whether they were mixed together like in this proprietary blend or used on their own.

A lot of the time, male sex boosters can make your blood pressure drop a lot. This one did that for me.

BP drops a lot of the time, but it doesn't always happen right away.

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In conclusion

Hitting, bucking, and ramming the pleasure pole into the sex hole is like hard exercise. Being active raises your blood pressure, just like any other kind of activity.

It goes down after sex and keeps going down when you take a substance like Vshot. As someone who has taken prescription PDE5 inhibitors and a huge number of different supplements, the results of Vshot made me sure that what's in it is NOT what's in the bottle!!!

Most of the time, I tell people to masturbate with a new sex boost to find out if it works for them and, if it does, how well it works. When you take Vshot, I suggest that you have your wife, girlfriend, or even a guy friend who can understand with you. You might need someone to drive you to the hospital or do CPR until the ambulance arrives. You might not be as lucky as I was.

Stay away from this like the plague!!!!!

There are many options that work just as well without the high chance of side effects, so you can get the same results without having to worry about going to the hospital.

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