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Tailor Your Travel Experience: Delta Airlines Seat Selection!

Have you ever experienced sitting on luxury or extra comfortable seats while traveling with Delta Airlines? If not yet, you should try choosing your desired seats with the same airline to have a better travel experience. 

Delta lets its customers choose their seats while booking a flight or even after a flight reservation. So, there is no need to overthink and follow up on the given post to get the instructions for selecting a seat. 

What is the Delta 24 Hours Seat Selection Policy? 

Have you heard about Delta Airlines' 24-hour seat selection policy? The Delta 24-hour seat selection policy states that passengers can make seat selections for free if they book seats within 24 hours of booking. Afterward, the airline may apply charges on booking seats. 

Do you want to get further info related to Delta Airlines seat selection? Visiting the airline’s official website is recommended.


How Do You Choose Seats with Delta Airlines? 

To make seat selection without hassle, you must stay connected with us until the end. Here, we will discuss the complete instructions on making hassle-free seat selections. So, don’t delay and follow up on the given steps carefully. 

Book seats while making flight reservations 

  • It would help if you started by going to the airline's official website or using its mobile application.

  • After that, choose your seat by entering the necessary flight details. 

  • You will now have the option of selecting a seat. You can choose your preferred seats by using the seating map, which will be accessible once you leave this page. 

  • Recall that choosing a seat is contingent upon seat availability.

  • Lastly, complete the payment to validate the choice.  You may also use the Delta Low Fare Calendar to get discounts on making flight bookings. To learn more about the low-fare calendar, visit the airline’s official website anytime. 

Book seats after the flight reservation  

  • You must first access the official airline website. 

  • Go into your account by providing the correct login information.

  • Select the flight that you like to choose a seat for now. 

  • Select the seat of your choice by selecting the seat selection option.  Finally, complete the payment to validate your seat choice. 

In this way, you can easily select your preferred seat on Delta Airlines. 

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