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Saatva Mattresses Reviews - What to Know Before Buy!

The Saatva Classic and the Saatva Zenhaven Latex Mattress are two Saatva beds that made it to our list of 5 best mattresses. The Saatva Classic is ranked number one, and the Saatva Zenhaven Latex Mattress is ranked number two. This mattress and the one before it felt medium-firm to hard to us.

Saatva has been around since 2010 and was one of the first internet mattress stores that didn't send mattresses rolled up and squished in a box. The company also offers free "white glove" delivery with every mattress purchase. This means that workers will bring the mattress to your home and set it up for you.

A firmness 

There are three types of firmness for the Saatva Classic: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. As for how firm it is, we gave the Luxury Firm (or medium-firm) type a 7 to 8 out of 10, but Saatva says it's a 5 to 7. There may be an extra set of coils in the mattress that makes it firm, but bigger people may feel like it's softer.

Level of Firmness

Height: You can pick between 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. A 3-inch Euro top is on top of both of them, along with a high-density memory foam layer for back support. The next layer has pocketed coils, and the base layer is made of tempered steel coils to keep it from sliding.

Both heights give the same performance, according to the brand. This means that the best height for you will depend on your personal taste.

Moving Motion

Most of the time, innerspring beds like the Saatva Classic transfer motion more than memory foam mattresses, which are better at absorbing it. If you sleep with someone else or are easily startled by any movement in the bed, motion transfer can be a problem. If a bed doesn't separate motion well, you may feel some "bounce" when your partner changes positions.

Our team said that the Saatva Classic was bouncy, as expected. One tester with average weight said it felt like gelatin because the top only wobbles and moves while the bottom stays in place. Our tall tester said he felt like he was moving around too much on the mattress when he changed positions.

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Help with Edges 

Even though spring beds aren't great at blocking out motion, they are great at supporting the edges because of the coils. This makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed.

Two of our tests who are light to average weight said the edge support was "very good," while the heavyweight tester said it was "okay." In general, the Saatva Classic did well in tests of edge support.

  1. bed with a queen-sized Saatva Classic innerspring mattress in the USN&WR

  2. The Saatva Classic had good edge support for us.

Heat or cold 

Even though the Saatva Classic isn't advertised as a cooling mattress, spring-based mattresses tend to let more air flow through them than all-foam types, which means they don't keep as much heat in. This was also proven by our in-person tests.

When we first laid down on the mattress, it felt cool to the touch. After five to ten minutes, it started to feel a little warm. Your sheets can also affect how hot or cool a mattress is. The Saatva Classic doesn't keep heat in, but percale or cotton sheets can help your bed breathe better.


The sleep expert we talked to felt like she was sleeping on top of the mattress instead of in it. This can help you sleep better.

Release of Pressure

It feels more like you're "sleeping on top" than "sinking in" because the Saatva Classic is pretty hard and doesn't relieve too much pressure. When our light tester slept on their side, the medium-firm type didn't let their shoulders and hips sink in enough, so their shoulders felt pinched. When the same tester laid on her stomach, she felt a little strain in her neck. When she lay on her back, though, this didn't happen. You can choose the Plush Soft Classic model from Saatva if you want a cushion that feels softer.

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In what ways does the Saatva Classic feel?

How a mattress feels is mostly affected by how it's put together and what it's made of, but it's also somewhat subjective. How you feel can depend on your body type, your personal taste, and how you see things. One example is that beds feel firmer to people who weigh less than 130 pounds than to people who weigh more than 230 pounds. To find out how the Saatva Classic feels, we had people in all three weight groups try it out and tell us what they thought.

People who sleep light (less than 130 pounds)

On a scale of 1 to 10, Saatva rates this mattress's Luxury Firm version as 5 to 7 out of 10. However, our short tester said it felt harder (a 7 to 8 out of 10). In all of the ways she tried to sleep on it, she thought it felt firmest when she was on her side. Her neck and shoulders hurt, and she said she felt "crunched." But she didn't feel any pain when she slept on her back. If you sleep on your side and aren't very heavy, you might want to choose the "Plush Soft" version, which is scored 3 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Sleepers of Average Weight (130 to 230 pounds)

Our tester, who is about normal weight, said that the mattress felt a little too firm for him on his stomach and side, but he had good things to say about it in other places. He said that the edge support was "very good" and that it was easy to move around on the bed. But it moved around a bit and wasn't great at blocking out motion. Our light tester said she could feel him moving around when he changed positions, which is normal for a mattress with springs. But it does let more air flow through, and our tester who is normal weight said he felt a little cooler when he got on the mattress.

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Sleepers that are heavy (more than 230 pounds)

People who weigh more than 230 pounds usually need base layers that give them more support. The Saatva Classic has more support than a mattress made of foam alone because it has two layers of coils. Our heavy-weight tester did, however, sink a little into the cushion. Basically, he said that the edge support was "okay" and not great. Besides that, he thought the mattress supported his body well in all sleeping situations. He also had no complaints about how the bed felt or how well it relieved pressure. For the most part, this mattress is good for heavy people who don't need extra help getting in and out of bed.

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